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York General Hospital Patient Portal Access

We at York General Hospital (YGH) believe that every patient should have easy, instant access to his or her health information at any time.

York General is pleased to present this opportunity through the use of a secure internet portal.

You need to:

  • Activate this services with a valid email address
  • Have a “visit” on record since May 20, 2014

Once you have had an admission event (outpatient, inpatient,) etc. and have given YGH your email address, you will receive an invitation via email to login.

Please note that you can only review your health data, the portal is not used for two-way communication with York General or your provider.

The YGH portal is different than the York Medical Clinic portal, so you will need to sign up for both.

YGH needs patient consent for others to have access to their portal information. For example, if a daughter wants to look at her adult parent’s information, YGH would need written consent from that adult parent.

Open the Portal
Account Setup Instructions


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